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Food menuDiscover our menu

Cold apprtizers

Carpaccio (with sea bass and truffle pearls)
150gr1150 rsd
Octopus Carpaccio (with tomato cream and chives oil)
150gr1450 rsd
Tuna Tataki (with ponzu sauce and black sesame seeds)
120gr850 rsd
Tuna Tatar on avocado (with oyster sauce)
200gr1020 rsd
Carpaccio or Tatar with fresh Adriatic fish or crabs
150gr1450 rsd
Fish pâté with mixed fresh Adriatic fish
120gr450 rsd
Oysters (with white balsamico marinade)
1 komad480 rsd
Peruvian Ceviche with Adriatic Tuna (bonito) (with citruses, asparagus, and chilli pepper)
100gr980 rsd
Fresh Adriatic salads selection (daily offer of our Salad Bar, seafood salad, octopus salad, cuttlefish salad, tabouli salad with prawns, ….)
200gr750-1000 rsd
Foreign and domestic cheese selection
200gr750 rsd
Mangulica prosciutto, Kulen sausage, domestic goat cheese in olive oil, Bar olives
200gr890 rsd

Hot Appetizers

Oysters 2 komada (baked with mangulica prosciutto and pecorino)
2 komada920 rsd
The fisherman’s way octopus
250gr1300 rsd
Black Risotto (with seafood)
300gr950 rsd
Risotto (with prawns and saffron)
300gr890 rsd
Seafood Risotto (octopus, cuttlefish, prawns, squids, shells)
300gr820 rsd

Homemade pasta – of your choice (fettuccine, tagliatelle, penne, linguine):

Aglio Olio Peperoncino (with prawns, cherry tomatoes, and celery)
300gr990 rsd
Pasta Norma (with octopus, tomatoes, and eggplant)
300gr1090 rsd
Pasta (with shells, prawns, cuttlefish, and octopus)
300gr890 rsd
Pasta (with asparagus, shrimps, and sea bass)
300gr1190 rsd
Ahh… Black Pasta (with clams, chives, and fenne)
300gr1450 rsd
Pasta (with tender loin, mixed mushrooms, and dry tomatoes)
300gr920 rsd

Foie Gras

Foie Gras (with teriyaki truffle foam, and truffle pearls)
150gr1550 rsd

Soups and chowders

Bouillabaisse (with shells, crabs, white fish fillet, oranges, and ginger)
300ml850 rsd
Fish soup
250ml250 rsd
Mixed sea fish chowder
250ml290 rsd
Seafood stew with polenta
300gr690 rsd
White fish fillet Broudett
300gr820 rsd

Fresh Fish Selection 100gr

Common Pandora
100gr360 rsd
Red mullet
100gr360 rsd
Sea bass
100gr550 rsd
100gr360 rsd
Streaked gurnard
100gr520 rsd
Dusky Grouper
100gr700 rsd
100gr360 rsd
100gr570 rsd
Salmon fillet
100gr500 rsd
100gr320 rsd
Sea bream
100gr550 rsd
100gr700 rsd
Atlantic Bonito
100gr360 rsd
Shark fillet
100gr360 rsd
Ray fish
100gr480 rsd
100gr570 rsd
Swordfish fillet
100gr570 rsd
John Dory
100gr650 rsd
100gr700 rsd
Of your choice and by our chef’s suggestion, fish can be grilled, made in vegetables with white wine, in salt, fried, on potatoes with rosemary, royal way with mixed mushrooms and light red wine, in parchment, or on salt.

Fresh Fish Selection 100gr

White bream
100gr460 rsd
Red scorpion fish
100gr700 rsd
100gr700 rsd
100gr570 rsd
100gr1200 rsd
100gr1100 rsd
Baba crab
100gr1100 rsd
King prawns
100gr900 rsd
100gr700-900 rsd
100gr280 rsd
100gr340 rsd
100gr800 rsd
100gr340 rsd
Clams shell
100gr400 rsd
100gr400 rsd
Metiterranean mussels
100gr120 rsd
Extra shells
100gr700 rsd
Scallops per piece
100gr550 rsd
Of your choice and by our chef’s suggestion, fish can be grilled, made in vegetables with white wine, in salt, fried, on potatoes with rosemary, royal way with mixed mushrooms and light red wine, in parchment, or on salt.

Adriatic Cousine Selection

Sicilian way swordfish fillet (caper, cherry tomatoes, olives, red onion, white wine)
250gr1650 rsd
Bocche di Cattaro way monkfish fillet (with marinated mushrooms, onion, olives, caper)
250gr1680 rsd
Sea bass fillet (baked with domestic pesto sauce on linguini with anchovies)
250gr1550 rsd
Hake (with red wine, garlic, and butter)
250gr1190 rsd
White fish (with truffle crust in prawn sauce)
250gr1850 rsd
Salmon fillet (baked with zucchini and soffron)
250gr1450 rsd

Meat Specialties

Turkey fillet (with sautéed broccoli)
250gr890 rsd
Tender loin (with sauce by choice)
300gr1950 rsd
Black Angus Ribeye prime steak
100gr1300 rsd
Lamb chops New Zealand (with asparagus)
100gr900 rsd

Side Dishes

550 rsd
Sautéed seasonal vegetables (with soy sauce and sesame)
300 rsd
Baked pumpkin purée
290 rsd
Porcini mushroom purée
420 rsd
Sautéed spinach
320 rsd
Swiss chard and potato pulse
290 rsd
Grilled forest mushrooms
330 rsd
Potatoes Au Gratin
300 rsd


Spinach salad (with shallot, celery, red wine, white aceto)
390 rsd
Mixed green salads (with aceto dressing, cherry tomatoes, basil)
420 rsd
Mediterranean salad (with vegetables and seeds)
420 rsd
Rocket salad (with cherry tomatoes and parmigiano)
450 rsd
Caprese salad
490 rsd
Drinks menu

DessertsDiscover our menu


Apple and ice cream cake
300 rsd
Fig cake
320 rsd
Fruit plate (seasonal fruit)
350 rsd
Lemon tart
400 rsd
Chocolate soufflé
420 rsd
450 rsd
Sushi&Oyster Bar

Oyster, Sushi & Cocktail BarDiscover our menu


Ostrige sveže ili u tempuri 2 komadaFresh or Tempura oysters two pieces
920 rsd
200gr300 rsd
Tempura jadranski gamboriTempura Adriatic prawns
250gr850 rsd
Soba nudle sa jadranskim lignjama i krastavcemSoba noodles with Adriatic squids and cucumber

Soups 0,35dl

Miso soup with seaweed and shrimps
350 rsd
Coconut spicy soup with
prawns and noodles
350 rsd


Nigiri two pieces

Salmon, salmon avocado, salmon chilli
300 rsd
Tuna, Tuna avokado, Tuna chilli
340 rsd
Sea bass, sea bass salad rocket, sea bass avocado
360 rsd
Prawns, prawns
avocado, prawns mango
435 rsd
Smoked eel, smoked eel avocado, smoked eel mango
520 rsd
shrimps mango, shrimps avocado
920 rsd
Nigiri of your choice from our daily offer of fresh fish.

Tataki 120gr

Tataki swordfish
810 rsd
Tuna tataki with ponzu sauce
850 rsd
Tataki monkfish
910 rsd
Tataki of your choice from our daily offer of fresh fish.

Sashimi 120gr

850 rsd
730 rsd
Sea bass/Sea bream
1050 rsd
John Dory/Dusky Grouper
2150 rsd
Sashimi mix (salmon, tuna, sea bass,
dusky grouper)
1100 rsd
Sashimi of your choice from our daily offer of fresh fish.


Salmon avocado
300 rsd
Tuna chilli
340 rsd
Oyster mango
880 rsd
Prawns, red tobiko
900 rsd
Nigiri of your choice from our daily offer of fresh fish.

Maki rolls 8 pieces

Cucumber, avocado,
and Philadephia.
320 rsd
Losos, losos avokado, losos mango
480 rsd
Tuna, tuna avocado, tuna
and Filadelfia
550 rsd
Swordfish, swordfish cucumber, swordfish mango
510 rsd

California rolls 8 pieces

Salmon avocado,
salmon cucumber
and Philadelphia
470 rsd
Tuna chilli, tuna avocado
540 rsd
Fresh prawns cucmber
570 rsd
Sea bass / Sea bream Philadelphia,
610 rsd

Rice paper rolls 8 pieces

Volcano salmon
(salmon, togarashi, spicy cream)
490 rsd
Tuna Crunch roll (tuna, crunch, pesto sauce)
590 rsd
Saigon roll (prawn, coconut milk,
oyster sauce, avocado, bell pepper)
660 rsd
Veggie roll (coconut milk, cucumber, avocado, mango bell pepper)
490 rsd

Premium oyster rolls 8 pieces

Oyster roll (Tempura oyster, avocado,
cucumber, tobiko)
1190 rsd
Agemaki oyster roll (oysters, scallops,
tempura panco avocado,
sweet miso, unagi sauce)
1550 rsd
Spicy tuna (spiced tuna, crunch onion, avocado, truffle sauce)
620 rsd
Futomaki (salmon, tuna, avocado,
swordfish, philadelphia)
740 rsd
Osaka roll (Tempura prawns,
Japanese mayonnaise, spicy tuna,
ell sauce)
1190 rsd
Dragon (Tempura prawns, John
Dory, Japanese mayonnaise,
avocado, ell sauce, sesame)
1450 rsd
Red Tobiko (octopus, curry sauce, salad)
1240 rsd
Ahh… roll (Tempura shrimps,
cuttlefish, Japanese mayonnaise,
avocado, truffle pearls)
1670 rsd
We can make rolls of your choice and our sushi master’s recommendation
from our daily offer of fresh fish.


Apple and ice cream cake
300 rsd
Fig cake
320 rsd
Fruit plate (seasonal fruit)
350 rsd
Lemon tart
400 rsd
Chocolate soufflé
420 rsd
Sweet sushi roll (banana, Plasma ground biscuit, Nutella, cherries)
450 rsd
450 rsd
Salads menu

CocktailsDiscover our menu

Long Cocktails

Moscow Mule
(vodka, ginger ale, lime, mint)650 rsd
Mojito / Virgin Mojito
(rum, lime, mint, soda, simple syrup)650 rsd
Bloody Mary / Virgin Bloody Mary
(vodka, lemon juice, tomato juice, spices)650 rsd
Long Island
(vodka, gin, tequila, rum, orange liquer, lemon juice, coca cola)650 rsd
Mai Tai
(white rum, black rum, amareto, pineapple juice)650 rsd
Tom Colins
(gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, soda)650 rsd

Short Cocktails

Old Fashion
(bourbon, angostura, simple syrup)550 rsd
(gin, campari, vermouth)550 rsd
Mint Julep
(bourbon, mint, simple syrup)550 rsd
Caipirinha / Caipiroska
(cachaca / vodka, lime, simple syrup)550 rsd


(kahlua, baylies, orange liquer)450 rsd
(kahlua, baylies, apsinth)450 rsd
Black Jack
(bourbon, kahlua, orange liquer)450 rsd


(gin, vodka, vermouth dry, olives)550 rsd
(tequila, orange liquer, lemon juice)550 rsd
(vodka, orange liquer, lemon juice, cranberrie juice)550 rsd
Espresso Martini
(vodka, espresso, vanilla liquer)550 rsd

Martini Bubbles

Hugo Spritz
(prosseco, elderflower juice, mint)550 rsd
Aperol Spritz
(prosseco, aperol, soda)550 rsd
(peach puree/strawberry puree, prosseco)550 rsd


Gin & Grapes
(gin, elderflower juice, white grapes, simple syrup)650 rsd
Appleberry Muffin
(bourbon, raspberry puree, lime, apple juice)650 rsd
Kiwi Caipiroska
(vodka, kiwi, orange juice, simple syrup)650 rsd
Cucumber Sour
(gin, cucumber, lemon juice, simple syrup, mint)650 rsd
Ahh Martini
(tequila, sake, berry liqueur, lime)650 rsd
Salads menu

Drinks and wine menuDiscover our menu

Coffees and tea

170 rsd
Espresso with milk
190 rsd
Cappuccino rsd
Latte macchiato
190 rsd
190 rsd
Iced coffee
210 rsd
190 rsd

Mineral water

Natural mineral water

0.33/0,75ll150/270 rsd

Carbonated water

0.25/0,75l150/270 rsd


Coca Cola
0,25l220 rsd
Coca Cola Zero
0,25l220 rsd
0,25l220 rsd
0,25l220 rsd
Schweppes Bitter Lemon
0,25l220 rsd
Schweppes Tonic Water
0,25l220 rsd
Schweppes Ginger Alle
Next Apple
0,20l220 rsd
Next Strawberry
0,20l220 rsd
Next Orange
0,20l220 rsd
Next Šumsko voće
0,20l220 rsd
Next Peach
0,20l220 rsd
Red Bull
0,25l350 rsd

Freshly squeezed juices

Homemade Iced Tea
0,30l220 rsd
0,30l220 rsd
0,30l280 rsd
0,30l280 rsd
Ahh… Mix (lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, apple, pear, pineapple, ginger,
0,30l350 rsd

Beer & Cider

0,25l270 rsd
Pilsner Urquell
0,33l270 rsd
Kozel dark
0,50l350 rsd
Maisel’s Weisse
0,50l450 rsd
Somersby (apple, pear)
0,30l270 rsd


0,04l320 rsd
0,04l320 rsd
Svetica šljiva (12 years old)
0,40l450 rsd

Alcoholic drinks

Vodka Finlandia
0,04l320 rsd
Vodka Grey Goose
0,04l540 rsd
Gin Bombay Sapphire
0,04l320 rsd
Gin Hendrick’s
0,04l370 rsd
Tekila Jose Cuervo
0,04l320 rsd
Tekila Heradura
0,04l450 rsd
Rum Havana 3YO
0,04l320 rsd
Rum Havana 7YO
0,04l370 rsd


Remy Martin VSOP
0,04l750 rsd
Vinjak XO
0,04l950 rsd
Remy Martin XO
0,40l1800 rsd
Hennessy XO
0,40l1950 rsd

Whiskey & Bourbon

Johnnie Walker Red Label
0,04l320 rsd
Johnnie Walker Black Label
0,04l450 rsd
Jack Daniels No.7
0,04l370 rsd
Jack Daniels Single Barrel
0,04l520 rsd
0,04l450 rsd
0,04l320 rsd
Macallan 3YO
0,04l750 rsd
Chivas Regal
0,04l450 rsd
Royale Salute
0,04l1850 rsd
Jim Beam
0,04l320 rsd
Marker’s Mark
0,04l470 rsd

Liquers & Vermouth

Gorki list
0,04l300 rsd
0,04l300 rsd
0,40l300 rsd
0,40l300 rsd
0,40l300 rsd
Amaro Montenegro
0,40l300 rsd
Amaro Ramazzotti
0,40l300 rsd
Vermouth (bianco, rosso, extra dry)
0,40l300 rsd
0,40l300 rsd

House wine white, rose, red carafe

Mlad mesec belo Do kraja Sveta, Fruška Gora, Srbija
0,25l500 rsd
Aura rose Do kraja Sveta, Fruška Gora, Srbija
0,25l500 rsd
Mlad mesec crveno Do kraja sveta, Fruška Gora, Srbija
0,25l500 rsd

Sparkling wines

Prosecco Extra dry Cantina Produttori di Vadobbiadene, Vadobbiadene, Italia
0,200l800 rsd

Prosecco Superiore Cantina Produttori di Vadobbiadene, Vadobbiadene, Italia
0,75l 3200 rsd

White wines

Sauvignon Tribus Villa, Topličko vinogorje, Srbija
0,125l 400 rsd0,75l 2400 rsd
Chardonnay Kovačević, Fruška Gora, Srbija
0,125l 470 rsd0,75l 2820 rsd
Tamjanika Budimir, Župa, Srbija
0,75l 2700 rsd
Tri Morave Temet, Lozovik, Srbija
0,75l 2800 rsd
Sonata Jeremić, Smederevo, Srbija
0,75l 2600 rsd
Chardonnay Radovanović, Šumadija, Srbija
0,75l 2800 rsd
Tijumf Gold Aleksandrović, Šumadija, Srbija
0,75l 3800 rsd
Onyx Cilić, Jagodina, Srbija
0,75l 4600 rsd
Babaroga Bjelica, Fruška Gora, Srbija
0,75l 4600 rsd
Chardonnay Savina, Herceg Novi, Montenegro
0,75l 3300 rsd
Chardonnay Barique Plantaže, Dolina Skadarskog jezera, Podgoričko vinogorje
0,75l 3000 rsd
Pošip Jokić, Dalmacija, Hrvatska
0,125l 520 rsd0,75l 3120 rsd
Malvazija Kozlović, Istra, Hrvatska
0,75l 3600 rsd
Zlatan Pošip Plenković, Dalmacija, Hrvatska
0,75l 3800 rsd
Tamjanika Chateau Kamnik, Skopje, Makedonija
0,75l 2900 rsd
Bele vode Tikveš, Tikveš, Makedonija
0,75l 3800 rsd
Chardonnay Barrel Chateau Kamnik, Skopje, Makedonija
0,75l 4400 rsd
Sivi Pinot Jakončič, Goriška Brda, Slovenija
0,75l 3000 rsd
Marjan Simčić Sauvignon Blanc Opoka, Dobrovo, Slovenija
0,75l 8000 rsd
Pinot Grigio Corte Pitora, Veneto, Italia
0,125l 520 rsd0,75l 3120 rsd
Gavi di Gavi Eticeta Blanc La Scolca, Piedmont, Italia
0,75l 4000 rsd
Pinot Grigio Anger St. Michael-Eppan, Alto Adige, Italia
0,75l 4000 rsd
Trebbiano Marina Cvetić, Abruzzo, Italia
0,75l 6000 rsd
Chardonnay Jerman, Friuli, Italia
0,75l 6000 rsd
Gris Lis Neris, Friuli, Italia
0,75l 7600 rsd
Gavi di Gavi Eticeta Nera La Scolca, Piedmont, Italia
0,75l 78000 rsd
Nova Domus Cantina Terlano, Alto Adige, Italia
0,75l 10000 rsd
Vistamare 2016 Gaja, Toscana, Italia
0,75l 10000 rsd
Vintage Tunina Jermann, Friuli, Italia
0,75l 14000 rsd
Viognier Montagne Noire J.M.Cazes, Languedoc – Roussillon, France
0,75l 2600 rsd
Chablis Chateau de Maligny, Bourgogne, France
0,75l 3600 rsd
Sauvignon Blanc Black Label Babich, Marborough, New Zealand
0,75l 4200 rsd

Dessert wines

Beli Bermet Kovačević, Fruška Gora, Srbija
0,75l 2000 rsd
Porto Dalva Ruby, Douro, Portugal
0,125l 380 rsd0,75l 2800 rsd

Rose wines

Rose Sec Zvonko Bogdan, Subotica, Srbija
0,125l 400 rsd0,75l 2400 rsd
Roza Nostra Erdevik, Fruška Gora, Srbija
0,125l 450 rsd0,75l 2700 rsd
Finesa Aleksandrović, Oplenac, Srbija
0,75l 2300 rsd
Sexy Rose Chateau Kamnik, Skopje, Makedonija
0,75l 3200 rsd
Bardolino Chiaretto Rose Corte Pitora, Veneto, Italia
0,125l 400 rsd0,75l 2400 rsd
Whispering Angel Caves d’Esclans, Cotes de Provence, France
0,75l 4500 rsd
Rock Angel Chateau d’Esclan, Cotes de Provence, France
0,75l 5500 rsd

Red wines

I kao da si Anđeo Budimir, Župa, Srbija
0,125l 400 rsd0,75l 2400 rsd
Aurelius Kovačević, Fruška gora, Srbija
0,125l 470 rsd0,75l 2820 rsd
Trijumf Noir Aleksandrović, Šumadija, Srbija
0,125l 560 rsd0,75l 3360 rsd
Svb Rosa Budimir, Župa, Srbija
0,75l 5500 rsd
Icon Campagna Rubimus Zvonko Bogdan, Subotica, Srbija
0,75l 9000 rsd
Vranac Reserve Plantaže, Basen Skadarskog jezera, Podgorica
0,75l 4800 rsd
Cuvee Jokić ,Dalmacija , Hrvatska
0,75l 3400 rsd
Zlatan Plavac, Dalmacija, Hrvatska
0,75l 3600 rsd
Ten Barrels Chateau Kamnik, Skopje, Makedonija
0,75l 6700 rsd
Pinot Noir Simčič, Goriška Brda, Slovenija
0,75l 6100 rsd
Primitivo Rosso BIO Monteverdi, Puglia, Italia
0,75l 2600 rsd
Chianti Clasico Luigi Cecchi, Toscana, Italia
0,75l 3400 rsd
Montepulciano Marina Cvetić, Abruzzo, Italia
0,75l 4800 rsd
Edizione Cinque Farnese, Abruzzo, Italia
0,75l 5800 rsd
Promis Gaja, Toscana, Italia
0,75l 6000 rsd
Sito Moresco 2014 Gaja, Piedmont, Italia
0,75l 9000 rsd
Amarone Della Valpolicella, Veneto, Italia
0,75l 10000 rsd
Magari 2015 Gaja, Toscana, Italia
0,75l 10500 rsd
Pietradonice Casanova di Neri, Toscana, Italia
0,75l 13000 rsd
Seigneurs d’Aiguilhe, Bordeaux, France
0,75l 3400 rsd
Cepa 21, Ribera del Duero, España
0,75l 4800 rsd


Moët et Chandon Brut, Champagne, France
0,75l 10000 rsd
Moët et Chandon Ice Imperial, Champagne, France
0,75l 12000 rsd
Bollinger Special Cuvee, Champagne, France
0,75l 12000 rsd
Dom Perignon, Champagne, France
0,75l 32000 rsd

Champagne Rose

Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose, Champagne, France
0,75l 14000 rsd
Dom Perignon Rose, Champagne, France
0,75l 50000 rsd

The magnificent nine

Rossj-Bass 2016 Gaja, Piedmont, Italia
0,75l 15500 rsd
Tignanello Antinori 2014, Toscana, Italia
0,75l 16000 rsd
Poggio alle Gazze dell’ Ornelaia 2015, Toscana, Italia
0,75l 19500 rsd
Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 Caymus, Napa Valley, California, USA
0,75l 20000 rsd
Mesault Charmes 1er Cru 2015 Domaine Antonin Guyon, Bourgogne, France
0,75l 22000 rsd
Chateau Lascombes 2012, Margaux, France
0,75l 25000 rsd
Domane de Chevalier 2014, Pessac-Leognan, Bordeaux, France
0,75l 34000 rsd
Barbaresco 2012 Gaja, Piedmont, Italia
0,75l 46500 rsd
Gaia & Ray 2013 Gaja, Piedmont Italia
0,75l 48000 rsd