Our story From the very beginning

From the very beginning…

“A community is like a ship; everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm.” Henrik Ibsen

Where we are today?

Inspired by Henrik Ibsen’s words, we became a community, a team that took the helm into their own hands and created a restaurant, which stands out for its original concept and management. We can proudly point out the fact that we already have a restaurant with the same name, which has been operating successfully in Podgorica, and we are one of rare restaurants that own a ship, what allows us to guarantee good quality, origin and freshness of our products with certainty. This ship was the starting point of our story and proves that Ahh…Riba is on the right course and is sailing in the right direction.

Elegant interior of the Ahh…Riba restaurant is tucked away on the second floor at 27 Obilićev venac, in the center of Belgrade. Visit us and enjoy the harmony of taste of the best fish specialties that will awaken all of your senses.


Welcome to Ahh…Riba restaurant, a place made for your enjoyment. Our goal is to provide for you quality and fresh fish specialties, which we receive every day from our ship “Koča”, as well as to provide you with best service. We are at your disposal at all times and we strive to fulfill all your wishes. Allow yourself to enjoy in the magical taste from our menu and let Ahh…Riba become your little oasis of peace you will always come back to.


Sushi master

The professional career of our sushi master is more than a decade long and is based on a daily discovery of many unusual Asian flavors, specially focused on the Japanese cuisine. During his training, he had the honor to cooperate with several of the best chefs from Far East Asia, from whom he learned how important it is to recognize the quality ingredients and to properly combine them in the perfect blend of flavors and taste. Thanks to the great offer of fresh fish that we receive on a daily basis, the process of the preparation of specialties represents a true pleasure. We recommend you to visit Ahh…Riba Oyster & Sushi Bar and enjoy in our diverse menu.

Chief Cook

Miloš Vekić, the main chef of our restaurant has been building his career for many years in the most elite restaurants in our country, as well as in the region. He brought his knowledge and his endless enthusiasm to our kitchen, where he created a magical atmosphere and a unique menu, which represents a combination of the freshest ingredients and original ways of preparation. He eagerly shares his creativity and culinary secrets with his colleagues, so we can proudly say we have a great team whose main goal is to bring a satisfied smile on our faces. We prepare for you, every day, the best flavors and tastes, so join us and become the part of the Ahh…Riba world.

Chief Cook